Shipping Directions

CREMATION jewelry– preparation and shipping directions:

Place in a Ziploc bag (the smallest size is best) the following amounts of cremation remains inside. If there are larger fragmented pieces and you’d like to have those in your jewelry piece, please add this in your measurement below:

Any ring requires: 1 full teaspoon
Any pendant requires: 1 full tablespoon

If there are any remains not used, I will mail them back with your order.


FLOWER jewelry — preparation and shipping directions:

To make shipping easier remove stems from the flowers.

If flowers are still fresh, please wrap in paper towel or place them in a paper bag.  If including any notes or a check, please put these items into a ziplock bag.

If flowers are dried, you can put them into a plastic bag and mail.

Please feel free to contact me at (336) 416-5764 with any questions or concerns. Mail package to:

Remember with Roses

C/O Barbara Terwilliger
445 Tom Hunter Road
Pilot Mountain, NC 27041

Thank you.